Square — (n; adj) A person who is regarded as dull, rigidly conventional, and out of touch with current trends.

We decided to SQUARE OFF against the idea of putting wine in bottle that is used only because it has been the default option for the last 500+ years. To our thinking, the industry has trapped itself in a BOX with thinking that is “dull, rigidly conventional, and out of touch with current trends”, in short…SQUARE.

We all know what wine looks like, but what does WINE SQUARED look like? (After all, anything SQUARED should be twice as good!)

What if we thought out of the BOX, and put great wine in a bottle that represents a SQUARE DEAL to consumers, interested in having a glass each day with their SQUARE MEAL, and to do so in a way that shakes up the common preconceptions of what wine should look like in a way that not only makes sense, but changes the old, stodgy “square” looking wine bottles into something hip and cool.

  • Makes packing sense –( green)
  • Makes shipping sense –( green)
  • Makes storage sense –( efficient/ green)
  • Makes lifestyle sense
  • Don’t need a wine rack, just some book-ends
  • Won’t roll away on an uneven surface
  • Thousands of re-uses for the bottle
  • It looks anything but square

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