Sonoma County is one of the most diverse growing regions in the world.

Bordered to the east by the Mayacamas mountains and to the west by the Pacific ocean, it is a landscape of rolling hills and valleys offering a wide variety of soil types all created by the volcanic and seismic activity that comes from sitting on the fault lines separating the North American and Pacific Tectonic plates. Vineyards planted above the fog lines receive loads of sunshine, but tend to be cool due to their proximity to the Pacific, and those on the valley floors are both downright cold and foggy, challenging grapes to ripen every growing season. We have lived and farmed this land for generations, too long to be surprised by the diversity of creatures we share the county with, and long enough to be respectful of their place in the county. We’ve also spent a lot of time figuring out where the best grapes grow, and it is from these vineyards that our wines are produced.

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