Truett-Hurst is an innovative and growing premium wine sales, marketing and production company based in the acclaimed Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County, California. The core of our business is a combination of direct to consumer sales, national brand sales and retail exclusive partnerships. We offer a top-quality product at a reasonable price, a result of our competitive grape sourcing, high-quality winemaking and world-class packaging and label design.


“Road Warrior”
from total wine & more

Top Supplier Nationwide for In-Store Tastings

What we've accomplished:

Leading Tasting Room & DTC Business in Sonoma County

Award Winning Wines

Award Winning Designs

Established in 2007, IPO in 2013

Focus 5 Retail Exclusive Customers: Total, Trader Joes,
Albertsons Companies, The Kroger Co., Target